Another week away

Your commitment to finish is admirable. After some midnight pillow talk that included my fears, my anxieties, my worries (and plenty of tears) about you being gone so frequently you offered to come back home and not finish the work needed out of town. Of course I want you home. I need you. But, you... Continue Reading →

Embracing a New Journey!

When my husband and I were dating he would work out of town often. Each weekend he would come home for a day or two to do some laundry, rest up, and repack for the coming week. Something that I delighted in doing was prepping little note cards and journals of encouragement.  Once we got... Continue Reading →

4 months!

Dear Crosby, Once again you're snoozing on my chest. I can hear the threats of yet another wind storm blowing around the trees accompanied by the sweetest sounds of your snoring and deep breaths. I can tell you feel safe. Sometimes I start to feel a little impatient when you demand to sleep on me... Continue Reading →

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Capturing our crazy, wild adventures with 4 boys

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