Fabu Friday’s

Eeek! It's Friday again! There's no better way to start the weekend than with some spooktacular photos that made me giggle.   This week the Hubs and I decided to make some pumpkins. He's a Panthers Fan, his turned out cool. Mine, Meh... it's ok, it glows, that's what I was hoping for 🙂 We... Continue Reading →


SRM - Seattle Reproductive Medicine RE - Reproductive Endocrinologist I mentioned in the Uphill Climb that we are well into our first round of fertility treatments. It was a short reference and one I wasn't going to go into much detail. Until I realized that I cannot live in shame for seeking treatments or live... Continue Reading →

Fabu Friday’s

Who doesn't love Friday? It's the end of the work week, the weekend awaits and, if you are anything like me, your fav pair of sweats and slippers are calling your name! I spend Monday through Thursday dragging myself out of bed, brushing on the make up and meandering my way to sit at my... Continue Reading →

Up Hill Climb

Depression. It's dark, it's inconsistent, it's frustrating. Seemingly popping in unannounced and wrecking havoc on your spirit. It's amazing to me how incredibly sensitive our bodies and brains can be. I am always amazed at the biological response to hormonal swings, triggers, and emotional circumstances. Our Father has made me increasingly aware of the intricacy... Continue Reading →

I am what I AM says I am

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez said it perfectly: You are who God says you are! You will see what God says you will see! You will reach what God says you will reach! You will conquer what God says you will conquer! You will reap what God says you will reap! I am not what my critics say... Continue Reading →

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