You’re Faithful

Oh, the beautyTo think of who You are is overwhelmingThe promises You make, they will uphold meHow You hold meYour compassions never end Your mercies are new, over and overYour mercies are new, over and overAs surely as the morning comes, You're faithfulI'll sing of Your love, over and overI'll sing of Your love, over... Continue Reading →

11 Months

My Sweet Cameron, Can you please explain to me how 11 months have come and gone? It’s like I’ve known you for a lifetime but I’m still just now getting to know you. I never imagined my world with you in it- but wow. I am SO THANKFUL you are here. You have added such... Continue Reading →

This is 3

Dear Kobe, It’s not been talked about much, but our relationship has not been.... natural. It’s been work. And it WAS NOT you. You and I are SO much a like. I struggled understanding you. Actually there was a lot of struggles. Ones that I am not even sure how to describe. But over the... Continue Reading →

10 Months

Only 2 short months until my littlest Bubba is 1. I should be celebrating- but deep down inside I am crumbling. How?! I so desperately need this time to slow down. Take a pause. Chill out. Freeze. He is turning into a toddler right before my very eyes. Dear Cameron, There’s a cute saying that... Continue Reading →

First Day of School

After days of begging and pleading my boys won me over and we started our homeschooling adventure on August 31st. Not too shabby for a “first day” selfie My hooligans were amazing. That first day was great! We implemented a new routine a few weeks ago and it paid off. We did our morning checklist... Continue Reading →

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